All in the Breeding

Monday 23 July 2012 11:37 AM
Defra, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is one of three bodies in the UK responsible for the registration of seed companies, licensing of crop inspectors and seed samplers and enforcement activities according to the requirements of European Directives.

UNISTO has a three-year contract to supply its Selflock metal clip seal in two colours, pink and black on behalf of the Department. The clip seals are used as part of the seed certification scheme, a consumer protection measure for certified grown seed species including cereals e.g. wheat and barley and vegetable varieties.

The colour-coded Selflock clip seals are used both on all official bags of certified seed distributed and supplied by seed companies. The seals act as a secure tamper proof measure to protect the viability of the seed.

        Selflock Seal on Defra Bag


Straplock F7000
P50 Meter Security Seal


Goods in Transit or Sitting Ducks
ISO17712 2013 Security Seals