IBC Seals

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Security Seals

IBCs come in a variety of sizes and types, transporting many different types of goods such as powder, some food products, soap and glue.

Unisto have two security seals which are ideal for the sealing of these containers, the Medio and the Compact security seals. Both have a high security level, thin diameter ribbon and are variable length. The high security level is indicative of the advanced tamper evident features of both seals, and up to 24kg break strength means these seals will withstand bumps and knocks in transit. The thin ribbon diameter makes them suitable for the small eyelet size available on most IBC's.

Barcoded Labels
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Comstar Seal
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Venus Seal
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Padlock 4
Compact Pull Tight Seals


Bolt Sealing to Avoid Tampering
Unisto's reusable seals clean up at Heathrow